Make Furniture Not War was started by Fitzpatrick DeCaro in 2015 based on the idea that instead of fighting with others or ourselves that that energy could be put towards the creative outlet of furniture making. It’s a desire to create objects that not only serve a function, but also add beauty and craftsmanship to any environment. MFNW strives to create as little waste as possible in our shop and our community, constantly pushing the concept of reclaimed materials. The perfect piece of furniture is able to show the history behind the materials, whether it’s a torn down house, fallen tree, or other “trash” we can keep out of landfills, while also shining a spotlight on the possibility of its future. Like ourselves the materials we use are far from perfect, boards are often twisted and warped, full of nail-holes and gashes, but with a vision, hard work and care, they can be made into beautiful piece of furniture that can last for generations. 

Personal profile-

Fitzpatrick DeCaro is originally from Chicago.  He was introduced to woodworking and creativity at an early age by his Uncle who is a master carpenter and furniture maker,  his mother, a skilled seamstress and crafter, and his father, a very talented actor.  A high level of craft was ingrained at an early age.  He  attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and received a BFA in furniture design.  There he was able to find his own voice through his craft and develop his design skills.  After college he was fortunate to work at Callahan Art and Associates where he continued to learn about welding, woodworking, mountmaking, sculpture restoration and how to have a professional work ethic for high end clients, striving for stellar work. Fitz also worked as a preparator in Chicago for the MCA and for the Art Institute continuing to learn new skills and work on his craft. 


In 2015, he set out to start his own company to bring the dream to fruition.  He has the support of his amazing wife Sarah and his young son Bowen.  He loves playing in the Atlanta Area Roller Hockey League (AARHL) and staying active when he isn’t working.