How can I purchase a piece of furniture?

You can get in touch with us via email to begin the design process. We can start a conversation about what your personal style is and what would look beautiful inside your home. 


Where do you get your materials?

With so much construction going on in metro Atlanta we are always looking for the bones of old houses to be turned into something new. We also try and source our hard woods from sustainable, local mills. 


Why Make Furniture Not War?

There's something special about purchasing an item from a actual craftsman/artist with a face and a story. Making furniture is hard work. It takes a balance of creativity, knowledge, strength, determination and delicacy. We're putting all we have into every piece of furniture that comes out of our shop. Not cutting corners, but making a product to be passed along. If you're putting that much into your craft everything else comes easy, and there is no need to "make war".